15 October 2012

Christianity 101 from a 4 Year Old

On our way to the Galleria today, Noah initiated a heavy, but awesome conversation.  It went something like this:

N: Mom, I know God.

Me: That's awesome buddy. And God knows you too. Do you know that he knows everything about you? He even knows how many hairs are on your head. And he knew you before you were even born! Mommy doesn't even know how many hairs are on your head.

N: You don't know God?

Me: Oh, yes I know God buddy, and God knows me. He loves us very much. Do you know why He loves us? Is it because we're good and do all the right things? No way, right?! We can never do all the right things. We aren't perfect are we?

N: Nope Mom, we are not perfect.

Me: Who was the only perfect person?

N: Jesus

Me: That's right! He had to be perfect to make a way for us to know God...isn't that awesome?!

N: And he got stones throwed at him. And then he died on the cross. And then he came back to life!

Me: That's exactly right buddy. Isn't it so cool that we love a God who was willing to die for us so we could know him?

N: Yea, I know that Mom. Mom, where's the place that you go if you don't know God?

Me: It's called Hell bud.  We believe that people who don't believe in God will be separated from him forever after they die.

N: But I know God. And there are soldiers in Hell that stomp around. And there is a choice to know God or a choice to not know God.

(I begin to sweat a little bit as my 4 year old brings up an age old theological debate! With haste and anxiety, I choose to pretend he didn't just say that!)

Me: Really? Buddy, it makes Mommy's heart so so happy that you know God. Now that you know God, do you think you have to be perfect all the time? (My attempt to explain grace.)

N: Mom, did you know that asteroids are in outer space?

Me: And Gospel 101 is over.


Tara Dembowczyk said...

LOVE this!!

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