24 October 2012

Potty Talk and Other Things...

Although this sort of conversation is perhaps a little gross and certainly not polite conversation, it happens so often and is so funny, I have to document it a little.

We have some very interesting conversations around the toilet.  Sometimes, after announcing that he has to "poop", Noah will either say, "I need some privacy" or "I do not need privacy, I need company." And these are his exact words...he is very clear in his demands. 

He often describes what is happening with his poop. He has said before that the poop comes all the way up his legs, into his tummy and out of his body . Tonight, he told me that a "big one was blocking the way." As he began to feel some relief, he exclaimed "Mom, it's coming out, and it's a super sized one." I started laughing, and he was so confused as to why I was laughing. I don't think he realizes that most people don't give narratives of their toiliet time to each other. And his facial expressions through all of it kill me. It's hilarious in the grossest sense.

He often likes telling stories on the toilet too. A lot of times I'll tell him to concentrate on what he's doing, and that we will not be expanding his potty time with stories. I want him on and off, especially since he so often has to go right before getting in bed.

Other Things...

The other night he wet the bed. Matt bought him a bladder to go in his new "adventure pack," and apparently he drank a ton of water from it. So, I wasn't upset with him at all, but while I was tucking him back in bed after we changed his jammies, he told me that he drank 100 feet of water that day. :)

Tonight he told me that he had two friends that were right behind him. Mark and Joe. There was no one else in his room, so I quickly understood that these were imaginary friends. He told me that Mark and Joe were 4 years old like him, and that they played with him and did what he told them to do. They were leaving to run to the grocery store though. Later they came back and got in his bed. Although Noah lives in a constant state of pretend, I've never heard him talk so directly about imaginary friends/animals/things. It was cute.


Tara Dembowczyk said...

I couldn't help but laugh about your potty story! So cute! What is it about poop and potties that makes kids so fascinated?!

evie said...

I don't know! But it's hilarious!