14 October 2012

One and Four

One and Four. One and Four. One and Four.  May be if I keep saying it, I'll actually believe that I'm old enough to have a one year old and a four year old! And may be if I say it a little more, I'll believe that Noah has been around for a third of my married life. Wow.

Sometimes it feels like it isn't real, you know? Like, I'm on the outside looking in at my life. I have two beautiful, crazy children who make me laugh literally every day (they often make me want to cry too, but focusing on the positive here!) and a wonderful husband who loves me well and takes care of all us.  Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair! Praise to God, for his lavish goodness!

This August is a blaring example of blessing . Grams and Pops came to stay for a week to celebrate the kids' birthdays, and we enjoyed them thoroughly! Nana and Papa also came up for the big birthday party. It was a fun weekend.

Noah requested "rockets" for his birthday theme, so I went with it, and I threw in a few stars for London. (My way of course!)  We had lots of friends over, had a taco bar lunch, and Noah had a chocolate cake and London a strawberry one.  I felt like I was able to spend time focusing on the kiddos, unlike past years where I've been much too worried about the logistics of the party, so that was good.  Mom helped me do a lot of the preparation, and overall it went smoothly. Lots of good friends, grandparents and cake = success!

Party in pictures...


Lindsay said...

You've been married for twelve years?! Wow!

evie said...

13!!!! I'm so old!

Niesya B said...

hello stark family,i'm niesya, from malaysia.. i'm glad to find you.you're such a good mother... :)