28 October 2012

My Sweetie Girl; An Update

This girl is going to break my heart one day.

So, she's almost 14 months now, and at the moment she is recovering from an ear infection. I hate those things. It's like either your kid has a runny nose like every other kid in America, or an ear infection, and there is literally no way to tell the difference. They are fussy and sick either way. I especially hate it when my diagnosis of "just a cold" is wrong, and then I have to live with the fact that my child has been having severe pain in her ear for who knows how long because I still can not tell the difference between your run of the mill cold versus a freaking infection!  Anyway, she's on meds now, so hopefully she will be back to her sweet healthy self in no time.

She's at that stage where she's cracking me up one second and making me want to day drink the next. She's really into throwing her cups on the floor, throwing food off her high chair, wanting to be held literally all the time, and thrashing her body while I try to change her diapers. She's also really into laughing ferociously, stuffing pancakes in her cheeks like a little squirrel, pulling her little body up on any surface she can reach, and saying "Teag" every time she hears his tags clink together. 

Speaking of what she can say, she's got Mama, Dada, Bra-Bra, Teag, and ball down pat. She's saying "Pops" sort of...comes out like "Pa" really. She's also saying, "tis" and "aye" a lot, although I'm pretty sure she uses those sounds for a number of meanings.

She's also pointing to any and everything and acting like she needs whatever it is that has caught her fleeting attention.

I've recently noticed that she has a really big mouth! When she laughs or opens wide for a bite of food, her mouth expands to half the size of her face. It's pretty adorable.

Noah will often catch her doing something "cute," and he'll say, "Oh sweetie!" I melt. Then he'll turn around and smack her with her own boot (happened today), and make her scream. We have lots of talks about what it means to be a protective brother. In general though, I couldn't hope for a better bro/sis relationship.

She loves my phone already, and she knows how to move the slider to get my menu to pop up. Genius in the making ;)

I've been rocking her in her bedroom, reading with her, singing and praying over her much more than I have before, and it's proving to be such a sweet time. I did this with Noah literally every night when he was a baby, but the second kid often gets the shaft, right?! Actually, although I really enjoyed those times with Noah, it made bedtime such a lengthy routine every night, so I made a fairly conscious decision not to do that so much with London.  Unfortunately, the lack of routine swung extreme in the opposite direction, so I'm trying to find the tension there.

She snuggles into my shoulder and just lets me hold her. Her breath is still so sweet, and I love how she wraps her arms around my collar.

When she gets hurt (like when her brother smacks her with her boot), she has the saddest, most pitiful little cry you've ever heard. It will melt you instantly. I always know when she's really hurt...it is so distinct.

Now for some pictures...


Tara Dembowczyk said...

She is so beautiful, Evie. I, too, can never tell the difference between just a cold or something more. In fact, I was just thinking today that I should probably take Hannah to the doc because she's been fighting a cold for almost 3 wks now. Ear infection maybe? No idea. She very rarely complains about anything....

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