20 September 2008

First Day Alone, Balloons and Yuri

Noah and Yuri...Noah not so much noticing the balloons, and Yuri, completely enthralled with them!

As the previous blog mentioned, my mom left early Friday morning. The day before, I moped around dreading her departure, and then Friday morning while she was preparing to head to the airport, we cried and said our farewells. I made a decision after feeding Noah that morning to try and embrace my new role as a legit stay-at-home-mom. Therefore, I followed the "routine" I had set in my mind...as if routines can even remotely exist at this stage of the game. Anyway, Noah and I had a little activity time (as my good friend Hannah encouraged), then we took an hour and a half nap together, later we listened to music, I ran a load of laundry at some point throughout the day, and of course there was much eating and pooping interspersed throughout it all. Later, Matt came home, and we met Michael and Yuri at Forest Park for the lighting of the hot air balloons. We hope to take Noah every year to this because it really is an amazing sight. The pictures came out a bit blurry, but good enough to get a decent idea of the coolness factor. Considering I had planned to be depressed for days due to mom's flight back to FL, I thought the day went pretty well.

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Tempest816 said...

I was at the balloon glow too! One of my favorite St. Louis events.