20 September 2008

Grams, Noah, and Sushi

Grams (my mom's official new name) left yesterday morning. She's been with us since August 27th, and she was an invaluable help as we transitioned into our new life with Noah. Needless to say, it was a rough morning for me and Noah as we said our goodbyes. Here are some special photos taken during her last week here. Matt and I insisted that she try our favorite sushi restaurant before she left, so we took her to Wasabi. She admitted that it was pretty good! (Before this, she was dead set against enjoying any sort of sushi.) This was also Noah's first trip to Wasabi. Grams also accompanied us to another one of Noah's doctor's appointments, and finally the night before she left, we got some great pictures of Grams and Noah in the park. We sure do miss our Grams!!! South Florida seems further away than ever.

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