26 September 2008

Holy Weight Gain and Lessons

So, I've been a little concerned as to whether or not Noah is getting enough nourishment from me when he nurses. Well, concern be gone. I took Noah to Cotton Babies today and weighed him on their baby scale. He has gained 14.5 ounces in the past 9 days! It did seem to me that he has been hungry A LOT. Is this amount of weight gain OK? Is he getting too much? Should I cut him off? I'll have a screaming baby on my hands if I attempt this, but I want to make sure he isn't gaining too much too fast. I plan to call the pediatrician in the morning just to check.

Today officially ends our first full week without mom (Grams) around. I've made multiple mistakes...most having to do with pushing Noah's limits when it comes to feed time. I've attempted to brave the public with him a few times and each time he's had a fit of rage because I couldn't feed him the second he started getting hungry.

Lessons from the first week alone:
-I learned that I just need to plan on taking 45 minutes to an hour out of my outing to feed him or else I may be deaf by the time Noah is two.
-I also learned to get super organized long before I actually need to walk out of the door.
-I realized that I get really hot while feeding him, so in order to not end up a pile of perspiration, I need to dress in cooler clothes.
-I learned to put Noah's shade down on his car seat so that the sun doesn't push him to the point of complete insanity, and also so that he doesn't end up sweaty by the time we reach our destination :( (I felt like such a crappy mom!)
-I learned to just smile and keep walking when strangers ooh and ahh over Noah.
-I learned that I need some "nursing" clothes that help make nursing in public a little less miserable.


Kerry said...

Hey Evie! You are such a great mom and it's fun to hear your thoughts! As to the nursing clothes that make it bearable to nurse in public...I bought a few nursing tank tops (from Target) and wore them under pretty much everything for the first few months when Brennan was eating all of the time. They are great so you don't have to flash everyone your lovely recovering body! You can find them in the bra section of Target (not the maternity section). Have fun! It's worth it and it gets MUCH easier!

The Edgren Family said...

He sounds like my boys. They gain weight so fast...I think it's good. I wouldn't be worried. Yeah, I was gonna tell you what Kerry said. I had a friend give me a similar item which made it much less embarrassing...they also have hooter hiders at Target...I saw them last night in the baby section.

Rachel Marie said...

Hi Evie! Remember me?
I've visited your blog a few times (found it through Hannah). I remember questioning myself a lot with my first baby- you're doing great! I'm sure by now you've talked to your doctor, but the weight gain sounds great to me!