10 September 2008

Server Dreams

If you've ever been a server at a restaurant, you've more than likely had server dreams. You know...the dreams where you can't ever catch up with all of your tables and every one is mad at you for not being able to pull it together. Well, now instead of server dreams, Matt and I both are having baby dreams. And not precious, sweet baby dreams, but rather "oh my gosh, have I suffocated my baby under the covers" dreams.

Midnights moments:

1. I've woken up frantically frisking myself thinking that I fell asleep while Noah was breastfeeding.
2. Matt has woken me up to ask me if he needs to go get "the breastfeeding stuff."
3. Two nights ago, I woke up to find Matt looking under the sheets for Noah. He asked me where he was; I replied, "his cradle," and he fell back to sleep. Minutes later, I again woke up to Matt patting down our comforter, again looking for the baby that he believed must have been buried somewhere in our covers.
4. I woke Matt up and asked him to take Noah from me...all the while, Noah was in his cradle.

I assume this anxiety will lessen when we become accustomed to this little guy, but right now, we worry so much.


Jay and Sarah Sandidge said...

I actually just posted a blog about a dream!!

Yes, work dreams! I used to dream about filling the big barrels at Bath and Body Works and straightening the lotions on the shelves! Definitely a nightmare!

I've heard similar stories from other mothers about dreaming that the baby was being squished under the covers. I'm sure it's temporary but must be terrifying and unsettling while it's going on!

Mmmm...Andy's custard! Gotta go!

The Edgren Family said...

Ya'll are hilarious! This is all normal I promise. Ya'll are both so sleep deprived I'm sure. I remember having many a night of not remembering putting MD or JA back in their crib and waking in a panic. Worrying I think will continue...just become placed on other things. I have to continually give my children back to the Lord b/c I want to hold on and control things.