08 April 2009

Easter Reflection and Dog Play

Easter is a time that we reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The work He did on the Cross has given us new life, and we look with hope towards the day that we can worship Him face to face in Heaven. This is a weekend that we remember His work and praise Him for taking all of our sins so that we can have life with Him eternally. This is what Easter is about, and I'm really looking forward to the church services planned for the weekend that will aid us in focusing on its true purpose. I do believe however, that it is fun to enjoy the other culturally acceptable side of Easter that is colored eggs, and egg hunts, and bunnies, and baskets! I remember when my brother Ben and I were young and even into our teen years, my mom and dad (mom is probably the one who actually put it together) would make us an Easter basket each Easter. My mom would include the traditional "grass," candy, eggs, and usually there was a clothing item, and often it was a new bathing suit! I remember how I loved to dig into the grass for each and every little pastel colored jelly bean that was hiding. Just like at Christmas, Mom would wait until we were in bed, and then she would set out the beautiful baskets on the breakfast table so that when we woke up, they were the first things we saw. I loved this, and obviously hold fond memories of it, so I definitely want to continue this tradition with Noah. I do, however, feel that if I did it this year, it would be more for me than him, so I'm going to wait until next year to follow through. This year though, both of Noah's grandmothers have given him an Easter gift. Grams sent Noah this adorable outfit from Gymboree, along with a couple of books including The Easter Story! Nana has purchased Noah is first Easter outfit, and I'll take pictures of that on Sunday and post them then. Thanks to Grams and Nana for being so thoughtful!

On another note, Noah and Teagan "played" together for the first time yesterday. Noah grabbed Teag's blanket from him, and then Teag would snatch it back...and Noah just laughed and laughed! Luckily, I had the camera right beside me, so I captured a little of this on film.

Look how close he is to crawling!



Tara Dembowczyk said...

Oh, I love these photos!!!! Noah is such a handsome little man...and it looks like he'll be crawling very soon!! That is so very exciting!

Anthony L. Williams said...

Last one is too cute! He is growing so fast! Have a great Easter.