02 April 2009

What a Weekend

There are so many details about this weekend that I'd love to report, but I find that it is probably best to censor myself! We caravaned a few hours north for Matt's cousin's wedding with Brian, Janet and the boys. We had a really great time with Brian and Janet, and I will say that one of the highlights of the weekend was when Matt stepped out of the dressing room at the tux shop with his camoflagued tie and vest on and his pants pulled up past his belly button. He stuck his stomach out (imagine the way a good 'ole country boy might do) and said, "How ya'll doin'?" I laughed so hard I cried.

On Monday, we visited Matt's great grandmother, Noah's great great grandma. What a pleasure it was for Matt to introduce his little guy to her; a woman he loves and admires so much.


Tara Dembowczyk said...

Your little guy is so handsome! I'm glad you guys had a good time away. I wish we could have been there to see Matt come out of that dressing room! I'm sure my Brian would have joined in on the fun :)

Jay and Sarah Sandidge said...

I would have given a lot to have been a fly on the wall that weekend!