04 February 2010

Pre-Bed Memories

This morning I decided to put Noah down for a morning nap since he had such a late night last night (CG went long), so I went through the regular routine...change his diaper, rock, read books, sing, give milk. A lot of times though before bed, he and I end up in a conversation. Obviously, not a verbal one, but thoughts and emotions are exchanged clear as day. This morning was a particularly sweet conversation. He kept touching my face, pointing at my nose, pulling my ears. He also butt his forehead against mine, and then rubbed his nose against mine. He started to laugh, which made me laugh, and we giggled there together for several minutes on end. He continued to press different parts of his face against mine...his cheeks against my cheeks and my lips and my nose. And throughout this time, we exchanged tons of little kisses. This happens often and is by miles one of my favorite parts of having him. He is so sweet and loving (when he isn't intent on being mr. independent!).
When he was an infant, we did a lot of skin to skin, and I wonder if that is part of what formed his love of pressing his face against mine. Especially during these cold winter months, our faces are one of the only body parts exposed, and it seems that it draws him. I don't know, but I do hope it lasts for a long time to come. I treasure those moments.

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