15 February 2010

A Shanna-Style Valentine Party

Last Tuesday we went to our downtown mom's playgroup for a special Valentine's Day party at Shanna's. Shanna is a party planner at heart, and she threw a beautifully detailed party for all of us. The kids had heart-shaped pb&j's while the mom's enjoyed curried chicken salad croissants. And for dessert, cake pops and sugar cookies. YUM! The kids played with a myriad of toys and Shanna also had lots of markers, stickers and embellishments for the kids to make Valentine cards. We were all exhausted after wards (especially Shanna who laid on the floor and was barely able to get up), and so we went home for naps all around.

lunch with friends
making a valentine's day card for the grandparents
noah was playing with aidan's tool set which included some work goggles.
angelic reese!
a delicious table scape
mmmmmm...sugar cookies
sugar + friends + toys = hyper
future spouses in a stand off


Shanna Gourley said...

thank you so much for the honorable mention on your blog. you are too kind. we had so much fun having you over and i guess this is what happens when an event planner is unemployed...

Hammocks and High Tea said...

Wow! Impressive! And I'm gonna need the recipe for those cake pops for Lu's birthday!