03 February 2010

Noah Update In Words

Noah Can Say:
-hewhoa (hello)
-bahye (bye)
-ticka-ticka-ticka (tickle)
-ma (milk/more/mama)

Noah Likes:
-knocking down blocks
-watching people
-getting thrown around by mom and dad
-chasing Teagan
-throwing Teagan's ball
-playing peek-a-boo (with anything)
-eating anything sweet (how did this happen??)
-having his afternoon snack (goldfish) while sitting with me in our comfy living room chair (this is the only time Noah is allowed to eat in the living room and it is ONLY when he is in my lap!)
-reading books
-wrapping anything long and bendy around his shoulders...cord to my hair dryer, curling iron, -flat iron, tooth brush charger, ribbons, a costume pearl necklace, scarves...(no worries...I only let him do this when I'm in the room, and he doesn't wrap things around his neck. just his shoulders, like he's wearing it. funny.)
-riding on his Lightening McQueen car
-taking baths
-playing in the pool
-running water, from a faucet, or water fountains in the pool, or even if we fill a cup and dump in out. he runs his hands under it and sometimes tries to drink it.
-throwing anything and everything on the floor...this is driving me crazy!!!!
-playing on playgrounds
-turning steering wheels
-kissing and holding hands with Reese and Yuri

Noah Can:
-climb stairs (and everything else)
-feed himself pretty well with spoon or fork (he likes big people silverware)
-(is beginning) to sing the abc's
-blow kisses
-give real kisses
-fake smile (i call this his cheeser)
-say "uh-huh" when I ask him a question
-sign finished and more
-can retrieve his shoes when asked
-understand a lot of things I say. For example, he understands what I'm asking when I say, "Are you hungry?" "Do you want to get a bath?" "Are you ready to go upstairs/downstairs?" "Where's Teagan?"

Mommy and Noah Outings:
-Mall playgrounds (during winter)
-Pool (indoor at Richmond Heights Community Center)
-Magic House
-Science Center
-Book Store
-Grocery Store
-Hobby Lobby
-Shanna's House
-downtown mom's group (Jenn or Erin's house)
-journey mom's group (various locations)
-(we will be trying out the zoomagination room at the Zoo next week)

I'm sure there are a hundred more things I could add to this (and very may well as I think of them) but I've exhausted my memory for now. This is why I need to blog more!

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