03 February 2010

Noah Update In Pictures

First of all, the length of this post is a little ridiculous, but I had to get caught up. It is mostly pictures, if that helps!
Sorry to put the non-happy picture first, but this was hilarious. Noah scooted himself as far down in his chair as the straps would let him, while he had his feet on the table. He was stuck. I couldn't help but leave him in his misery while I snapped a few pictures. It's what he gets for putting his feet on the table after hundreds of warnings not to!

And on to happier moments...Noah and I were playing in the living room the other day and he was in such a sweet mood. I received a musical birthday card from my Aunt Julie and Uncle Dudley, and Noah couldn't get enough of it. He danced all over for a very long time. I think the batteries on the card are finally dying! He wore it out.

I don't really remember the problem here, I just think his cry face is hilariously adorable


still dancing...
more dancing...

Matt is taking a part our white table because we just really don't have a good place for it. Of course Noah wanted to help.

Why buy toys when boxes exist?

Nana and Papa with Noah. They were returning him to us after our Breckenridge get-away. They were sad to see him go, but we were happy to get him back!

Noah is using all his strength to push Yuri...notice the tongue.

Loves wearing daddy's hats.

New shades from Breckenridge...his only souvenir!

He can now open doors. This is really annoying, especially when mom or dad are trying to go to the bathroom.

Enjoying pancakes on one Saturday morning.

Dancing with mommy at Smokies BBQ.

Noah has discovered corn-on-the-cob and is in love.

Noah and the Bean Stalk
(at the Magic House)

President Noah residing.

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Hammocks and High Tea said...

Love the first two pics! And the corn on the cob is hilarious! He's getting so big. We need to see you guys soon. And as I've said before...I definitely need to go to The Magic House!