18 April 2010

Birthdays Trip, Part 1

This weekend we went down to Springfield for two very important reasons! The first being that Janet is turning 30 and the second being Lula turning 1! Friday night we had a delicious dinner, followed by strawberry cake and homemade ice cream to celebrate Janet. Debbie made the cake, but Parker and Tyler added the candles.  Isn't it a beauty? We had a lovely evening chatting and watching the boys play. The next day we shopped at Tanger, where the boys took many a mechanical-ride break, ate dinner at Panera and then had a traumatic time at Andy's Frozen Custard.  The custard was delicious, but Noah about got himself run over by a van.  The boy is fast and he slipped away in the blink of an eye. Now, I have nightmares of him wrestling with cars. Praise God nothing awful happened!

I don't think there were quite 30 candles on this cake, but Janet did pretty well blowing them out.  She had a little help from her boys! And a lot of help from the rest of us when it came to eating it!
No, Brian is not making a gang sign.  He's signing "30!"
Noah LOVED Papa's homemade ice cream!
"Rides," as he likes to call them, are his favorite.  He would say over and over and over, "Daddy, ride! Papa, ride!" ...always in this really pitiful little voice. They totally gave in!
Although Parker and Tyler loved these mechanical toys, Noah was not a fan.  He didn't like it when they started to move.  Scared him.  Kind of weird since he's such a little risk-taker.

Helping Nana push the stroller.
Saying goodbye on Sunday before we headed back to St. Louis.  Tyler loves his cousin and Noah love him right back.  He says, "Ty," and he started saying "Pawker" right before we left.  He even said, "Nannana" one time. Still no Aunt J or Uncle Brian.  May be next time!

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