05 April 2010

First Egg Hunt

Noah was only 7 months old last Easter, so this year was the first year he really got to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt. I love our church for many reasons, and another one just got added to the list. They put on the most organized, well thought-out, and well-executed egg hunt. I mean, I haven't been to that many, but even without prior experience I feel safe saying that they put on an amazing event!

The Gourley clan joined us Saturday morning. They met us at our house and we all set out on foot (except the kiddos who were tucked in their strollers) for Tower Grove Park. Little did we realize that the actual pavilion we were to meet at was on the clear other end of the park. Shanna was quite worried about missing the hunt, so the guys took the strollers and hoofed it. We jogged behind them...all the way to the other end! We had our hair down, we were in jeans, Shanna had on full jewelry, but goodness knows we didn't want to miss that stinkin' egg hunt! We were both breathless, and my face was beat red by the time we got their, but we made it in time. What a start to the day!

Before the hunt was "opened", the Easter Bunny came out to greet the kids, and it was pretty unanimous that the one downer to the event was this creepy bunny. He looks like an alien and Noah quickly tucked himself under Matt's arm. He was not a fan.

The egg hunt began, and we were off! Noah picked up the idea pretty fast! He collected somewhere around 10 eggs. Nothing compared to his more experienced friends, Reese and Aidan, but I was proud nonetheless! After a bit, Noah set down his basket and walked away. He was finished.

There were loads of activities and crafts for kids to do after the hunt. Noah was still a bit young for many of them, but he, Aidan and Reese enjoyed the bubble table, and later, Noah got a baseball painted on his hand (that was very quickly smeared onto my shirt!).

We took a few family photos and prepared for our hike back across the park. We walked this time. The Gourley's stayed for lunch and everyone had fun enjoying the warm weather and playing outside.

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Shanna Gourley said...

I didn't think I could run, but turns out I can. Who knew?!?