29 April 2010

I Want to Remember....

Noah is saying bye to things now.  "Bye Veggie Tales."  "Bye bubbles."  The other day he spit out his apples and he said, "bye apples."  Hilarious.

When Matt leaves for work, I always say, "Tell daddy bye, he's going to work to bring home the bacon."  The other morning, Matt left, and Noah looked at me and in a questioning tone said, "Daddy, bacon?"

Noah was rifling through the pantry a few days ago, and he found a box of beer Matt keeps on the floor.  He started to mess with it just as I walked up.  He looked up at me and said, "Daddy juice."  We have  never called it that, but it kind of works.  I just said, "Yes Noah, that's Daddy's juice," and laughed hysterically!

I like that Noah has begun to ask for things he needs/wants by name.  Like, he'll say, "cracker, drink, milk (mook), down, up, bath, shoes, outside, train..." He even has names for some of his books.  The ducklings book with ducks on the cover is "quack-quack."  The Little Engine that Could is "trains."  That's Not My Puppy is "doggie."  The Bible is simply "Bible."

Noah has also recently learned how to projectile spit.  It's fabulous.  And it's always with milk. He thinks it's hilarious.

He's saying, "1,2,3" now and "ready, set, go."  The other day he was walking down the stairs and counting.  He started at 2 and made it to 5.  That was awesome.

He is now big enough to climb up on the couches/chairs by himself.  Like right now, he's sitting on the couch reading a Christmas book.  It's so cute to see him as a little person, entertaining himself.

He is saying a lot of names now, including "Avie" and "Matt".  He also says, "Kye-Kye," "Aidan," "Reese," "Shanna," "Parker," "Tyler," "Papa," "Pops."  He's also transitioned from "mama" and "dada" to "mommy" and "daddy."  We like it.  It sounds so sweet in his little voice.

We have two large bookshelves in our living room, and Noah can easily reach the first two shelves on them both, but the one book he has started pulling out a lot is our wedding album.  He gets it, takes it to his chair and sits down to flip through it. 

I'm sure there are many more little moments to remember.  I need to do this much more often.


Tara Dembowczyk said...

Oh, how very sweet. It is so exciting to see our children grow and see their little personalities come out. I hope, one day, I will get to meet your little man!

Jennifer R. said...

Funny, Jude like to spit his "mook" as well but he got it from Madagasgar and he follows it up with s "Zip Lock Fresh". Thanks Abe for teaching him this one!

Hols said...

It's fun you are writing all of this down. I need to do the same. I love when kiddos say bye to everything. Tobin says "bah" when anyone flushes the toilet. :)

The Edgren Family said...

love love the "daddy, bacon" story. how cute! he's growing up so much. just wait until what they say embarasses you! it's still fun though!!!!!