05 April 2010


One of my fondest memories of Easter is waking up and hearing my dad singing the old hymn, "up from the grave He arose; with a mighty triumph o'er his foes..." As Christians, Easter really is the crux of our faith. Without Christ's resurrection, we would be hopeless, and Matt and I want to teach this to Noah. He's a little young yet, but he did say "Jesus" today while watching the Easter Veggie Tales that his Nana got him! That was neat.

In addition to the founding truth that is Easter, we also want to have the commercialized fun with it. Egg hunts, bunnies, dressing up, baskets, dying eggs...etc. This year, as my previous blog explained, we egg hunted and saw the creepy bunny, but we also dressed up (Noah style that is...gray jeans and a cool button up top, courtesy of Nana) and opened Easter baskets.

We had a great, but busy weekend. Here's what it looked like:

Friday: Good Friday service with the Gourley's and Cornejo's; then dinner at Antoninio's with those lovelies.
Saturday: marathon across Tower Grove Park; Easter Egg Hunt; grill-out with Gourley's; Nana and Papa arrive; attend Easter (Saturday night) service; dinner at Favazza's with Nana and Papa; Nana, Noah and I walk home after dinner; prepare Noah's Easter basket; watch first episode of Mad Men; crash hard.
Sunday: open Easter baskets; Matt and I head to nursery duty while Nana and Papa stay home with Noah; eat big lunch in our backyard; eat cake; say goodbye to Nana and Papa; watch 2nd episode of Mad Men; friends, Jenn and Joe come over with their two girls; impromptu Easter Egg Hunt; leftovers; watch 3rd episode of Mad Men; crash hard again.

Noah, poorly, but hilariously dressed for a quick trip outside before church.

being coaxed inside by Nana, Papa and Daddy

Opening Grams and Pops Easter package full of lots of goodies!

Easter baskets for Noah!

Opening raisins from Nana and Papa's Easter basket on Easter morning!

My first attempt at Carrot Cake...not too shabby.

Matt chalking out Noah

Donley clan; Jenn with Olivia and Joe with Claire

Olivia in her Bumbo!

Jenn and Livvy!


Shanna Gourley said...

We had so much fun with the Starks this Easter weekend! I'm so glad that we could be together. I love that our memories and photos of these special moments have you in them. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Evie we enjoyed Spending Easter with you, Matt and Noah. Your Easter Dinner was really good, and your carrort cake was delicious!
Love Debbie