11 May 2010

Florida Trip, Part 4

Five minutes from their house, Grams and Pops have the Green Cay Wetlands.  We all visited and walked a mile and a half around together. Noah loved seeing the "quack-quacks (ducks)," the "tweet-tweets (birds)," and the "aarrrhhhs (alligators)."  He split his time walking, riding in the stroller and sitting on Pops shoulders.  Pops was running into the tree branches, and Noah was loving it. He kept saying "trees, trees!!"  A few days later, while I spent a little time at Ikea, Grams took him back for another round.  This time they walked around again, and then spent a lot of time in the museum, where Noah listened to bird sounds and watched the frogs, turtles and baby alligators.

On Monday, mom, Noah and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for a Mother's Day lunch since my dad refused to let me "take her out" on Sunday. (He treated us to lunch at Carraba's...more on this day later!) We had a delicious lunch and snapped a few shots before going in.

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Hammocks and High Tea said...

That pic of you and Noah is really sweet. You look beautiful as always. Noah seems like so much fun these days. Can't wait to see him again.