24 May 2010

Go Duke! Go Ben!

The last bit of our trip was spent in Durham, North Carolina where my brother Ben lives. He and Marsa` have spent three long years there so far, while Ben has been working on his Masters in Divinity. Finally, this tedious, but rewarding part of their lives is over, and we all went to celebrate with them.  We had a fabulous time and made some great memories.  A few of them include:

-Noah saying "Uncle Ben" and "Aunt Sa` Sa`"
-Noah eating and spitting ice into one of the drink buckets at the grad party
-Noah calling for "Grams" or "Pops" when he woke up in the mornings
-Noah sitting quietly through Ben's whole graduation ceremony (save the one time where he called for Aunt Sa` Sa` who was sitting several seats down)
-helping Marsa` decorate for the grad party
-Noah jumping into a pool without prodding (Matt was there to catch of course!)
-Me and Matt's date night at a Bull's game
-Noah learning to "drive" and then asking for it ALL the time

Warning: LOTS of pictures!

going to pick up daddy from the airport
playing frisbie with uncle ben at the duke gardens
noah playing around the gardens
marsa` and ben's house was ready for the graduation party...so pretty!
ben and marsa`, on their front steps, before the big shin dig...such a good looking couple.
miss karla jordan
hanging out with daddy at the party
noah played in this ice bucket for a really long time. he likes chewing ice like his dad. gives me chills!
party pictures
pops sign towards the top of the building...cute!
ben had just opened his big grad gift...a trip for two to nyc for the us open
noah with his "aunt sa` sa`"  (check out the hair style she gave him.)
time for the actual graduation/hooding ceremony. 
my mom and marsa`s mom, ellen, in the duke chapel
pops and noah in the chapel
our desperate attempt at keeping noah busy while waiting for the ceremony to start. why do i love old doors so much? especially with noah in front of them? so cute!
this is a man on a mission.
mommy and noah
karla and noah
mommy and noah....it's just about to start!
aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! i love this picture!
ben walking down the aisle during the processional
ben getting hooded
on our way out!
family picture time
pops dropped us at the airport. noah is giving goodbye kisses.

Goodbye spring trip! You were good to us. Thanks to Pops and Grams for taking such good care of us while we were with them! We miss you both immensely. Thanks to Marsa` and Ben for getting us a rockin' loft to camp in...for free! It was fun to see Noah fall in love with both of you.  Thanks to my hubby for loving and supporting my family, and letting me spend tons of time with them!


Anonymous said...

"...parting is such sweet sorrow!" dad and i had a marvelous time with our family & friends; evie, matt, noah, ben, marsa', ellen, karla, & tyler g.! it was a lovely, memorable, proud, loads of fun, exhausting time of being together. i am thankful for the time we had together!

nataliej said...

I have loved reading about your incredible trip! Enjoyed all the pics to accompany! Family times make memories that last a lifetime!