25 May 2010

Hello Summer

On Sunday we welcomed the summer to St. Louis.  We celebrated summer's entrance with swimming, friends, grilling and ice cream! Good times.
noah, lee and claire playing poolside.
this picture makes me laugh really hard.  noah clearly thought leaning on claire like this was hilarious. she didn't think it was quite as funny.
noah discovered he could straddle the side of the pool. he would bounce up and down and say, "horse, horse!" 

noah thought he needed to pick up olivia...she wasn't a fan of that idea.
noah and lee eating ice cream cones and teagan waiting for the drippings.
we (the parents) totally took advantage of our kids' addictions to veggie tales by letting them eat dinner while watching.  although we felt a little guilty about allowing this, it was so nice to have an adult dinner in peace!


Jesse and Kristin Moore said...

Oh they are so cute! When Jesse told me about this, I was quite jealous I wasn't in a pool myself! :)

Hammocks and High Tea said...

Yeah for Veggie Tales! I love the pic of Noah and Lee eating ice cream. Adorable...and so symmetrical. I'm into symmetry these days.