11 May 2010

On the Farm Part 2, Florida Trip Part 3

 sitting on gg's front porch
  swinging with grams
 swinging by himself
riding on the lawn mower
looking at uncle kevins's chickens with gg
  uncle kevin's huge garden
 walking with grams and gg to the garden
climbing gg's trees
 uncle kevin taking noah to find a pool (they played with chickens too. i also hear that noah gave uncle kevin some advice on gardening!)
heading back to gg's with the pool. stopping to say hello to missy the moo cow.
 pool time! thank you uncle kevin!
grandpa, uncle kevin and gg
 aunt gerry, preston and noah. noah is noticing that preston and daddy have something in common.
 mowing naked. enough said.
brushing his hair in gg's bathroom with gg's brush.
noah helped himself to a veggie tales break on gg's bed after all of that running around.
noah had a blast at his gg's (my grandma's) house. it was great for noah to catch up with and meet some of his extended family. i wish we lived a little closer so that he could explore the country more often and know his aunts, uncles, cousins and great grandparents better.


Tara Dembowczyk said...

Making great memories! Looks like a fun time. I especially like the picture of Noah on gg's bed...he looks so tuckered out! :)

Hammocks and High Tea said...

Yep, this is definitely more my style! I LOVE the pic of Noah on the swing and in the tree. What a great tree! And mowing naked...classic! Isn't it amazing how they can be at the beach, in a kiddie pool, or in a sink and still be very happy?! Kids are great!