03 May 2010

Florida Trip, Part 1

Noah and I flew to Florida on Saturday.  Our early arrival was a surprise for my dad, as he has recently accepted a new pastoral position at Boyton Beach Baptist Church, and there was an installation service on Sunday for him. My mom coordinated me and my brother's visits, so the family was together to support my dad. 

We've had a busy but fantastic time so far.
saying goodbye to daddy at the airport...sniff, sniff.
looking out the plane window
settling in on the plane, pre-meltdown.  noah effectively delivered to me my greatest fears when he lost it during a 30 minute delay on the ground in st. louis. electronic devices had to put away (aka, no veggie tales), and for about 10 minutes, noah screamed as if his life was over.  the flight attendant came by to offer me a cocktail. if i would have had a free hand, i would have taken her up on it!
exploring pops and grams new neighborhood 

getting spoiled by grams

we ate at two georges, this delightful intercoastal-side restaraunt after church on sunday.

noah enjoyed watching the boats and the water

just a cute picture!
wearing grams glasses

hanging out with the keyboard...time for bed!

going to the beach! when noah's feet touched the water, he yelled, "WAT-ER, WAT-ER! YAY!!!" it was so funny.  needless to say, it thrills me that he loves the water so much.  he had a great time.  he learned that salt water doesn't taste so good and that he doesn't like putting his hands in the sand.  he also discovered showering naked outside is super fun! grams and pops watched noah while ben and i got in a rockin' game of paddle ball.  it was a really good time, and the only thing missing was matt/daddy.

grams and i were indeed there, but we don't so much like putting up pictures of ourselves in swimsuits!  i got some good ones of noah with pops and uncle ben though!

 every beach trip come with beach breaks...these huge strawberries were perfect. noah sat in grams lap while inhaling them! he couldn't get enough.

 family walk around the neighborhood

pretending to talk on the phone...maybe to daddy.  we miss him so much!


knack said...

looks like you all had such a great time! it is so good to be with family:)


Kerry said...

Awe! Family time with parents (grandparents) is so precious. I know your parents loved you being there!

lucylucia said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time Evie! We missed you and Noah last night!