22 June 2010

Girls' Weekend

The only sad thing about our girls' weekend in Chicago, is that it's over!  We had such a blast.  Chicago, good food, awesome shopping, tons of laughs and closer friendships...It was amazing!

road-tripped with Erin and I at the wheel
talked about samurais and first kisses
ate at Portillo's
shopped at a powerless Ikea...it was hot and dark but we still managed to shop for 4 hours
grabbed a slice of Chicago style pizza at Gino's East
got a little taste of the Jersey Shore just down the road from our hotel
night shopped at Macy's and Urban Outfitters
had cocktails and dessert at Cheesecake Factory
learned that Lucy is hilarious
kept each other awake with snoring and a heartburn-inducing, unborn baby
shopped at Ikea...again, power was back on
shopped at Woodland Mall
learned that Catherine used to be good at hiring skanks and hoes 
ate at Rainforest Cafe
shopped at the Chicago Outlets
drove through an adorable little town...Plainfield (it was not plain)
ate delicious Mexican food at a cute little restaurant
got a first hand look at Sandra's Latina charm
laughed at our server who should have never been hired as such
returned back to st. louis at midnight
rearranged vehicles and all of our goods, and headed home

It was a really good weekend. I feel like I got much closer to these girls, and of course I stocked up on tons of fabric and various household goodies.

(My name scribbled on the wall at Gino's East.)


StL Steeles said...

You're such a good blogger. I have to confess that I have a little bit of "blog envy."

Jesse and Kristin Moore said...

Ugh! The heartburn! Don't remind me!!! I swear that she sprouted hair that weekend! We did have SO much fun! It must be an annual thing!!!

lucylucia said...

Evie I had SUCH a wonderful time! I am sad that it is over now!