16 June 2010


This morning, I was still dazed from my 11pm dosage of Nyquil, so Noah snuggled with me while I napped. He watched Super Why.

Today, Noah and I danced to John Mayer. He laughed.

Today, I was a horse and Noah was a rider.  He got bucked off many times. The horse had to retire.

Today, Noah and I got "stuck" under his living room chair.

Noah has recently started saying, "what happened to __________?" For instance, he'll throw his truck down, and say, "what happened to truck?"  I will reply, "well, you threw your truck on the floor, that's what happened to it."  The examples could go on... cup, cars, books, anything...

Today, Noah all of a sudden decided that he loves his stuffed puppy, Cordy Roy.  When I went in his room after his nap today, he had thrown him out of the crib and was saying, "doggie, doggie." I realized he was talking about Cordy, so I handed it to him, and he held on to Cordy for the next hour or so.  Matt said he was asking about Cordy this morning too.  He's been sleeping with Cordy for over a year now. It's bizarre, but for some reason, I really like him having that connection. May be it makes him seem like a baby to me again. I don't know. It's cute though.

I was talking to Janet today about how frustrating it is to take Noah somewhere that is solely for his enjoyment, and then for him to be whiney and grumpy.  Today we went to the fountains at Tower Grove, and he got really whiney because he wanted to go play on the playground instead of the fountains.  I took him to the playground for a bit, and then took him back to the water and he threw a little fit.  I was not in the mood to deal with that kind of behavior today, so we packed up and headed out. 

(FYI:  I'm trying to write down more of our every day happenings, even when I don't have new pictures to post.)


Marisa Eash said...

Thanks for sharing this, Ev. Isn't it just awesome when they have a little buddy to sleep with? I have been thinking the exact same thing...wanting to post more of the everyday stuff. They change so fast and say/do so many things we don't want to forget.

Jesse and Kristin Moore said...

Lee likes Super Why too. He did have a thing for Dora, yes DORA, but luckily he's now into GO Diego GO! :)Are you super pumped for this weekend??!! I mentioned to Jesse the guys/kids could get together, but he was like, "Yeah that does sound like fun but I don't want to arrange it." Typical guy. :-P

nataliej said...

I enjoy so much your posts about all this adorable little man is up to... it's like an online baby book for others to delight in!