11 June 2010

I Want to Remember...

that Noah...

  • kisses us goodnight through the stairway spindles.
  • stands up in his crib and yells, "mommy, daddy or bi-per (diaper)!" each morning.
  • asks, "what's that" about everything, multiple times.
  • counts, but he'll start somewhere between four and ten.
  • yells out, "daddy!" when Matt comes down the stairs each morning.
  • crawls on top of us, bounces up and down, and says, "horse."
  • loves playing with his trucks, wagon, big car, and lightening mcqueen car.
  • also likes to "hammer" things (things like walls, floors, cabinets, and toys) with the hammer pops made him.
  • absolutely refuses to say "please." 
  • just started saying "popcal" (popsicle)
  • says, "outside boys" when he wants to go outside (pops unknowingly taught him this).
  • still cuddles on my shoulder at night before I put him in his crib.
  • kisses the phone when saying goodbye to any of his grandparents.
  • says, "tweet tweet" whenever he sees a bird.
  • learned how to jump on Sesame Street and now he likes to jump down the stairs.  With each step he says, "jump!"
  • has started to recognize that babies are "sad" when they cry. 
  • says, "I'm okay" after he has fallen down...even when he really isn't okay.
  • says, "ready home" when we're out and he thinks it's time to leave.
  • says, "Reese, Aidan" when we get to a destination.
  • loves water, buttons, veggie tales, and trucks.

(This picture was taken while he was experiencing his first watermelon of the season.  He loved it and asks for it everyday! Like mother like son!)


Jennifer R. said...

Stairway spindle kisses are the best!Any Jude says Who Dat, What Dat and What Happened about everything! I love when you post these things. I write a letter to each of the kids every six months so I can remember some of these things.

nataliej said...

This was so precious and makes my heart smile... what a great idea your friend Jennifer has to write a letter to your kids every six months... love it! I am right with Noah on the watermelon too!!!! Levi has planted some in our garden so maybe we can bring him one fresh from Jordan Valley Farm!

Tara Dembowczyk said...

Such sweet, sweet moments to remember! Precious!!!!

Shanna Gourley said...

I wish we could just bottle it up, so that we don't forget these milestones. I will get that little Turkey to say "please" if it kills me! Aidan and Reese ask for "Evie/Noah" whenever we are in Hobby Lobby, Target, or Walmart - perhaps we go there too much together? Nah!