17 August 2010

10 things i'm loving

i love
...that noah asks for a kiss when he's hurt.
...that he pretends the pillows on our bed are his "car," specifically with two doors (two side pillows).
...that noah and daddy run (with way too much energy for me) down the stairs in the morning.
...that noah remembers his grandparents. (grams and pops = ocean and the water slide, nana and papa = golf cart and boat.)
...that he knows the biblical characters on the front of his children's bible.
...that he can ask for specific books by name
...that he is finally saying please and thank you.
...that noah still says "happy baaarthday tyler" even though that was almost two months ago.
...that noah asks me to sing before putting him in bed.
...that he is starting to drink from a normal cup vs. the sippy (without mega spillage).

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