09 August 2010

Summertime Fun

Last Month:
We hung out with our friends from our Downtown Mom's Group. Everyone came over for play time and lunch at our house.
We also met the Downtown Moms at a local theater to watch a free movie, Ice Age. About halfway through, Noah decided he was more interested in climbing the stairs and messing with the lights on the wall than watching the movie!

This summer, Noah's been helping me in the kitchen. Here, he's helping me cut up some watermelon.
In this next shot, he decided that cutting the watermelon was an unnecessary step. He found a more direct method.

We took Noah to a new park a couple of weeks ago, and we didn't realize there was a fountain. If you would have seen Noah's excitement when he saw it, you wouldn't have been able to tell him no either! So even though I didn't have a change of clothes or even a towel, I let him go for it. After all, we were only a couple of minutes from home! He had a blast, and he rode home naked!

Just a cute shot of Noah and Parker the weekend of July 17th in front of Brian and Janet's house.

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Marisa Eash said...

Oh my gosh! That Noah eating watermelon picture is awesomeness!