31 August 2010

Rooftop Party

Last Monday night, we spent the evening in our old hood, downtown. Oana's son, Mateo was having his 5th birthday party. It was such a wonderful evening...the temperature was so pleasant, the sky was clear, and the view was incredible from the top of their building. The kids had a great time playing together too. One of Noah's favorite parts was riding a little bike down the deck ramps. At one point I told him to "make it happen," and so every time after that, he would get to the top of the ramp, and before taking off he would call out, "make it happen!" He must have gone down that ramp a dozen times! I think it was fun for Matt to see Noah playing with his downtown friends too. It's kind of interesting to watch him develop into this little social bug. I'm getting closer to the ladies in my downtown mom's group, and I'm really enjoying those friendships. 
This party was another great get together, and the bonus was that our hubbies got to meet!

(if anyone has the picture of all of us together, please send me a copy. i only got one picture, and it didn't turn out.)

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