08 August 2010

(another) Weekend Away

One of the reasons I haven't posted any new pictures recently is because my camera is full, and I haven't put the pictures and videos on my computer to free up space. I'm not sure why this is hard for me to make happen, but it just is.  Anyway, I figure I need to update, even without the photos, so that's what I'm doing!

We headed down to Nana and Papa's again this weekend. We visit a little more in the summer because Matt loves to ski and now Noah loves going out on the boat and swimming too. He especially loves driving the golf cart that takes us down to the lake, and he asked to do it at least every 10 minutes the entire time we were there! And of course Nana and Papa took him on many rides. He jumped off of the boat many times while we were on the lake too. Each time he had a huge smile on his face. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable with the life jacket on in the water. It can be cumbersome, but the more we do it, the more he learns to maneuver around in it better.  He's kicking his legs pretty consistently now too.

This weekend, he ate "pocals" on the kitchen floor with Nana and had blueberry pancakes BOTH mornings we were there. He also likes watching "George" at their house. This morning, he said one of the longest sentences I think he's ever said..."want to go down the stairs and watch George." He put all of that together pretty clearly...I thought it was great.  I also let him have chocolate milk for the first time. There was just a touch of chocolate syrup in the milk, but I didn't call it chocolate milk, instead I just said it was a treat.  He took a few sips, realized that it was some form of chocolate, and then decided he was finished.

He has started saying "I don't want it" when he's finished with something, or when he just doesn't want something. It comes out real snotty sounding though, so I'm trying to teach him "No thank you." On Saturday, Nana bought him some new clothes from Baby Gap, so I was thrilled about that! She also got him this super cute little backpack, to which he responded "I don't want it." Rrrrrrrr...I do not like it a bit when he has that attitude.  And, I'm a little at a loss as to how to respond to him when he talks that way. He's using his words, he's expressing what he's feeling; it's just rude. (I'm open to suggestions!)

Saturday night, Steve and Deb watched Noah for us so that we could have a date night. We were supposed to have a double date with Brian and Janet, but Tyler came down with a high fever, so they needed to stay home with him. After stopping at a couple antique shops, Matt and I still went to dinner, and then we went over to Jay and Sarah's to see their new old house. It's great...lots of projects to be done, but it's a really special house, with lots character, and I'm glad we got to check it out.

Sunday morning, we left the lake and headed to Brian and Janet's to say hello before coming back to the Lou.  The boys got to play for a little while, Matt and Brian caught up, and Janet showed me what she's been doing for home school.  Next stop was Harter House to stash up on some meat, and then we headed home. We got home, I made a quick dessert, and then we went to the Steele's for dinner. A dinner that took about a month to plan! We had a really nice time with them and the Malones:  we ate a delicious lasagna, Noah took one significant spill off of the couch, the kids flew about 30 feet in the air on their monster swing, Joel made us these amazing Brazillian cocktails, we indulged in some chocolate dessert, and then the kids started breaking down because it was bedtime. This crazy weekend is not over, because while I'm staying up writing this blog, Matt is already in bed because he's leaving at 4am to go to a conference in KC.!

One busy busy weekend, but it was fun. We are always thankful for our family and friends.

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