04 February 2011

Feeling Loved at Age 32

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I'm taking a departure from my myriad of catch-up blogs to document today, because it's only 12:30 and although I haven't left the house, it's been a wonderful day. So many special moments, I have to write them down.
As I told my BFF on the phone this morning, this was the first birthday that I've woken up NOT thinking, "hey, today is my birthday." In the past, it's been an immediate thought! I was, however, quickly reminded by my sweet boys who came into the bedroom singing "happy birthday to mommy!" I wasn't feeling great though (morning sickness), so Matt occupied Noah downstairs while I laid in bed a bit longer. Special moments #1 and #2! While lying in bed, I received the most encouraging and loving text from a good friend. Special moment #3.
When I finally made it down, I was greeted with an array of wrapped gifts. Noah "helped" me open them (meaning he completely opened each of them!). My Mr. had shopped at one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, and picked out several lovely items. He did a fabulous job, but really more than what he got me, I just love the fact that he knew what store to go to. He knows what I love! This is huge! Of course he's proven this before, but it never fails to make me feel truly known. And is there really anything more special than feeling known and still loved regardless? Special moment #4. 
 Then he offered to make me breakfast, which I sadly passed on, as I was still not feeling 100%. Still, really nice though! Then my mom called, and then my dad, and then Deb, then my bestie, then several other friends...and oh my goodness; I just feel loved! Special moments #5 -#10.
Amidst the calls was some gushy love texts between me and Missy. That's one lady who treats her friends over-the-top! (I actually have a whole blog post planned for this one, so to my two readers (mom and deb), stay tuned!) She has been such a blessing to me since we were introduced. This lovely girl got me an amazing gift that came along with wonderful words of affirmation and overwhelming kindness. Special moment #11.

THEN, (yes, there's more) I received an email from my dad, that made me tear up (shocker, there, as I'm usually so stoic...yeah right.) He took a picture of a page from his Bible where I had scribbled as a toddler, and his message along with it said, "I just turned to this page in my Bible where my Punkins autographed it 30 years ago. Today, I'm much happier to have it. I love you! Dad" 
Special moment #12! Wow! This one just might take the cake.

Somewhere in between all of this, I checked my inbox to see it filled with Facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday. If facebook is good for nothing else, it's making you feel cared for on your birthday.

After writing all of this I feel a little 'braggy,' which is not my intention at all. I feel humbled and grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life and I just don't want to forget any of it. Amazing family, sweet, caring friends and a husband and son who love me despite me being me! The day is only half over and there is still so much loveliness to look forward to.  What a great birthday!


Eryn said...

so lovely to read!
my kids tore a page out of my bible this year. Hope I feel the same way (and still have it) when are in their 30's!
By the way, totally thought you were younger than me, you are so youthful looking!(we are the same age, 3 weeks apart)

Melissa Thompson said...

Loved reading about how special your day has been thus far. I'm sure the rest of it won't disappoint. :) You're a forever friend, Ev.

ps-and for the record, you're easy to love.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day continues to be wonderful and full of little blessings from the Lord. I have a quote for you regarding your post on you saying that your "wonderful husband and son love you despite you being you" it is a follows: "I am not what I ought to be . . . I am not what I wish to be . . . I am not what I hope to be . . . yet, I am not what I once was and by the grace of God, I am what I am!" John Newton. Remember, you are a precious child of God paid for by the blood of Christ! You are perfect in His eyes and you must remind yourself of that on occasion! God bless you, Evie!

Kerry said...

I am so encouraged that you are feeling so blessed. I am truly grateful for what God has given you and your family. You seem so happy and full of life. I pray this next year is full of the same. Happy Birthday my sweet friend! Miss you!

Hols said...

Yeah for Birthdays!!! You are such a good friend to many Evie. You are one of those people that others want to be around and others want to be like. I'm glad you had a good start to your day and hope tonight will be even better. I'm thankful God put you in my path. -Holly

Tara Dembowczyk said...

So beautiful, Evie. You are a blessing to many...an amazing woman. Happy birthday, my friend!