02 February 2011

Christmas Tree Time!

The second Thanksgiving is over, my husband knows what must be done! In order to get maximum enjoyment  time out of our Christmas Tree, it is imperative that we get it up ASAP! Especially on years that we travel for the holiday. My love of all things Christmas has been officially passed down to Noah (with no manipulation on my part at all!), and he was so excited to get the tree, decorate it (or rather see it be decorated) and turn the lights on each day.  After we picked out the tree (from Ted Drews, where we also enjoyed a Pumpkin Pie Concrete that rocked our world,)  we went home, warmed up Apple Cider and turned on Polar Express, and I decorated!  The boys were mesmerized by the movie, and it ended up being one of those magic, sentimental nights moms like me dream about. So special. Noah was so sad to see the tree go the second week in January. I told him that it was dying and that we would get a new one next Christmas, and he just kept saying, "but it's not dying!" And even though we're a couple days into February now, he still asks about it and still requests that we sing "Jingle Bell Rock" at bedtime. My kid is a sucker for Christmas just like his mama! I couldn't be happier!

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