22 June 2009

Big Business Starts Small

A few months ago I called Sarah upset about the lack of good-looking baby clothes in my price range. Why does everything have to be in primary colors with cartoony characters and letters? I don't get it. So, in my raving, I told Sarah that we needed to start our own line of non-embarrassing baby clothes, and Sarah's immediate response was that she had already thought of doing the same thing, and she had even already made several items for Lula (her 2 month old). Sweet! Well, a couple of months rolled by without much further investigation or progress on this idea, and last week Sarah informs me that she is going to apply for Cider Days (an art/craft market in Ozark, MO). She wants to make clothes and burp cloths and bibs, and wire letters, and decorative boxes...and was I in? Leave it to my driven friend to be the one to take the bull by the horns, and YES Sarah, I'm in. We've put together some samples of items that will be sold. Sarah has done the sewing, and I've done the crafting. I will be making burp cloths, bibs, decorative boxes, banners, and cloth covered wipes cases, while Sarah focuses on the actual clothing items, since she can sew. I plan to look into sewing lessons, but at this point my abilities only allow me to conceive ideas. It's very frustrating to not know how to execute them. Anyway, hopefully we get accepted to be a part of Cider Days (I don't know why we wouldn't), and we'll see if people are interested in what we have to offer. Our line in going to be called "Lula in London." Lula is Sarah's daughter, and I've wanted my future little girl's name to be London for a good 8 years now. Hence the combo.
What do you think of our products? Feedback is good! Be honest.


marseille said...


ev, you should check this out. this lady makes all her kids clothes and they are the incredible.

Matt and Evie Stark said...

Thanks! I love the site already!!!

Jesse and Kristin Moore said...

Future customer right here!!

Vanessa said...