14 June 2009

A Week of Emergencies

Emergency #1: On Tuesday, June 9 Noah fell on our concrete floors and hit his little head pretty hard. A few minutes later, he vomited twice. My doc tells me to take him to the ER because he could have a concussion. We arrive at the #5 Best Children's Hospital in America, and Noah is escorted to the back, checked out and given the all clear. Right after the doc stepped out of the room, Noah begins to gag again as if he is about to vomit once more. Matt happens to notice something shiny in the back of his throat, and he ends up pulling out two pieces of my Kashi bar wrapper. No concussion, he just swallowed some wrapper. Way to go buddy.

Emergency #2: Early Friday morning, 12:45am-ish, we hear a knock on our door. Teagan goes nuts, as we rarely have anyone come to our door without prior notice, due to the immense amount of building security. It's our neighbors, and they inform us that fire alarms are going off, and there is smoke coming from one of the stairwells. We hurriedly dress and grab Noah and Teag, and head to the opposite stairwell. Soon after, firetrucks lined our city street. We were outside for about 45 minutes or so before allowed to go back in. We still don't know what happened exactly, but our guess is a simple food burning or candle burning incident. Noah was so chill on the street though. He just stared at everything going on around him.

Emergency #3: OK, so for this one, I use the term "emergency" loosely, but it definitely falls into this category to me. Today I put Noah down for his normal afternoon nap. He babbled a little to himself, and then became quiet. I assumed he had fallen asleep. 20 minutes later I hear him crying, so I step into his room to check things out. As I move aside the curtain (our makeshift door), a strong smell of poop slaps me in the face, and I quickly ran through a couple of possible scenarios as to the cause of this smell as I walk to his crib. I reach in to pick him up, and notice that his arms feel grimy. I pause before continuing to lift him to turn on a light, and that's when I see the mess. Noah had removed his diaper, pooped, and then played with his own nastiness. Brown goo was all over him...his fingers, toes, hair, legs, arms...everywhere. He had also wiped it all over his sheets, bumper and crib. It was neither of our best moments. As sickened as I was however, I could not help but laugh, knowing that this was one of those moments I would never forget and Noah would never live down.


Gina said...

Holy cow, did you have an interesting week. Craziness!!! So glad everyone's ok =)

Shanna Gourley said...

Love #3. I think we've all been there. You are now officially a mom. The final part of the hazing is a full blown blow out - you are now in the club!

Marisa Eash said...

Oh, my! What excitement and that last one...pure nastiness! I would have been sick but it sounds like you handled it like a pro.

The Edgren Family said...

girl, youu crack me up!! i can not stop laughing about the poop story! pee and poop stories will continue with age!!

Tara Dembowczyk said...

My goodness, girl. You have had a crazy few days!!! I'm so glad Noah is okay. Anytime a baby falls and/or vomits, it can be scarey. What a blessing Matt saw something in his mouth!

As far as emergency #3.... :)