18 June 2009


-noah danced to one of his musical toys.
-i laughed really hard watching noah shake his tail-feather.
-the wind blew my beach towel into the pool.
-i priority packaged my dad's father's day card.
-i sent my mom, my mother-in-law, and my brother a text picture of noah.
-noah got stuck under his high chair.
-matt worked a 15 hour day.
-my mom sent us a package that included 2 seasonings, a new computer camera, electirc toothbrush heads, and a father's day card for matt.
-i did not mop my floors
-i chatted with Shanna about photographers
-i prayed for extra patience to show towards my teething, fussy little boy
-i sang my baby to sleep


Marisa Eash said...

Ahhh, being a mama. Dancing babies are too fun. Teething, not so much. Preston's second year molars are coming in and he is so fussy and short tempered.

Gina said...

Too cute, Evie. Hope Noah is back to himself soon.