26 June 2009

Rooftop Evening

Last night we had Michael, a very pregnant Erin, and their gorgeous, hilarious little girl Yuri over for dinner and swimming.

Memories from the evening include:
-noah holding and eating a whole cracker...whole meaning, I didn't break it up for him.
-yuri holding 'herself' (in michael jackson fashion) while she "shook her booty"
-watching matt swim with noah in our pool for the first time
-malone's noticing my backward books on our bookshelves
-my astonishment at erin's desire to go through labor and birth minus an epidural
-noah zipping across the pool deck...he just wanted to go, go, go; we were not allowed to pick him up. no worries to the grandmothers reading this...we were always in close proximity.
-yuri licking her daddy's frosting off of his cupcake before handing it over to him

It was a super chill evening. Good friends, good times. I was a little picture crazy (shocker, I know), and after being inspired by my sis-in-laws mad photo skills (http://marseilleandben.blogspot.com/), I had some fun editing my pictures in Picasa. I got some sweet ones of the daddy's with their little ones.

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