04 June 2009

Pop Culture Got Me Again

I saw all the press and craze this movie received when it first came out; however, I felt no inclination to see it. It seemed to be close enough to a horror film to disinterest me I suppose. Four nights ago though, as I stood in front of a Red Box ($1 movie rental vending machine), I stared at the lack of good films available. Twilight caught my attention as I passed through the new releases, and I walked back to the car to ask Matt if he had any interest. He declared his apathy towards the subject, and I figured a wasted $1.08 was the worst that could happen. We popped it in after getting Noah in bed, and within the first 10 minutes, not only was I hooked, I was loving this previously passed on love story. Love story? Yep, shocked me too. Perhaps if I had paid any attention to all of the previews I may have realized this sooner.

I knew that some sort of relationship would be formed between the two main characters, I just never figured it would be so intriguing and unusual. The story line is about a vampire (initially quite unappealing to me),but the route the story takes and honestly the charisma of the main actor, make it one of my new favorites. The way the male lead, Robert Pattinson (Edward), was characterized was simply stunning. I can't fathom another actor having attempted the part. He was dominant, yet gentle, in pain but managing it, and for someone with entirely too much pale powder on, he was beautiful. Kristin Stewart (Bella), the female lead was not as memorable or talented, but she gives an average performance.

I believe the movie is comparable in many ways to the modern Romeo and Juliet. The male lead astonishing, and the female lead, falling a bit short of her counterpart. Both are addictive films in that I want to watch them again and again, the love story in each is irresistible in its passion, and the cinematography is interesting and uniquely done in both. In addition, they both hold just enough mystery that keeps viewers longing for more.

This film got me. It reeled me in. I even bought the book and have already finished it. (Although, the book naturally was more detailed, it didn't surpass the movie like most books usually do.) Thankfully there are 3 sequels (that I'm quite anxious to read regardless of their literary deficiencies), and the next in line, New Moon, will be in theaters November 20. You can watch a trailer of the new movie at http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/.


Tara Dembowczyk said...

wow...you should be a film critic!! seriously!!!!! you are a wonderful writer.

Jesse and Kristin Moore said...

I think I just read a review! :) But I had similar ideas about the movie; didn't believe the hype and actually wouldn't have seen it if it weren't for Jesse renting it. But I also was surprised that it was a half decent movie. PS-we need to get together...I miss not seeing you guys every week!