30 June 2009

Play by Play: Mon-Wed

-met marisa, preston and claire at the fountains in tower grove park.
-noah crawled around a bit scraping up his little legs and feet on the concrete.
-no more crawling
-he liked running his hands through the streams of water.
-he didn't like the crazy foreign children who were running past him and screaming at ridiculous decibels
-we ate cheddar goldfish and took some pictures on our beach towel.
-noah got all up in claire's personal space
-noah didn't want to eat his strawberries, pineapple and cheerios for breakfast.
-noah played at gina's, with will and eva while mommy got her hair did.
-noah and I went shopping at jo ann fabrics, only to find old fashion prints that I'm way too snobby to buy.
-mommy made chicken and yellow rice for dinner.
-daddy and noah played hard after dinner and then daddy went to his second job.

-debated on zoo or pool
-chose pool
-met erin and yuri, gina, will and eva, and marisa, preston and claire at said pool.
-swam/crawled/walked around the most rockin' baby pool in the history of baby pools. we will go back, many many times.
-had lunch at sams. don't judge us. we're stay at home moms, and we have little money.
-made a burp cloth that no one in their right mind would pay money for. i will get better!

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