05 November 2009

Au revoir Downtown Loft

We have officially moved from our beloved loft in downtown St. Louis. I can still remember my excitement when I found the loft, and when I talked Matt into it, and especially when we moved in to it. I was in love. That loft held us through some major life experiences, the most important being the conception and birth of our Noah. It was a good move for us, and we will always look back with warm feelings on our time there. That said, it is time for more space, for doors, for floors that aren't concrete, and for a yard. And as of last Friday, we're here, and we love it.

The move was the most annoying, yet the easiest move we've ever had. Annoying because there were 5 other people moving in/out on the same day, and we were all trying to use the ONE freight elevator and the ONE back dock. Way to go to our loft management for not scheduling the moves. On the up side though, it was the easiest because we hired movers. We had plenty of gracious friends volunteer to help us, but we decided to move on a Friday (because we had been warned that Saturday would be a busy moving day), and of course most people work on Friday. Although Todd, Jesse and Kristin still came over on Saturday to help us wrap up some loose ends. Thank you guys! Anyway, I was incredibly impressed with the efficiency of professional movers and I highly recommend using them to anyone considering moving in the future. Totally worth the money.

Mom has been here helping us through the move. She's been indispensable! She's helped me empty boxes (I think she's unloaded more than I have actually), and put things away, get organized, decorate, and of course she's been wonderful help with Noah. Thank goodness for my mom!

We're still working on getting everything set up, but I will soon post pictures of our new home. New to us, anyway!

(this is a picture of the sidewalk outside our loft last winter. i will miss the gelateria at the end of the block. no more spontaneous chai breaks for me!)


Marisa Eash said...

So happy the move was made with no major snafus. Love that sidewalk picture.

Shanna Gourley said...

i'm so glad the movers worked out. We loved them and regret not hiring them sooner. we are sad that you are no longer in the loft but look forward to new memories at the house. the house is beautiful. i know i saw it about a minute after you moved in, so i can't wait to see it when you have everything ready.