20 November 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

The Plan: Shanna was to arrive around 3:00 pm to watch Noah for our New Mo...I mean date night. I was going to leave the house at 4:00 pm to make it to the theater by 4:15 in order to get a good seat for the 5:00 pm showing. Because of my early arrival, I would secure 2 fabulous seats located at just the right height and perfectly centered in order to experience the best possible viewing of New Moon. After the movie, Matt and I were planning to enjoy sushi at a new restaurant downtown, and then we would head back home to kiss Noah goodnight, and thank the Gourley's for so graciously taking care of him for the evening.

The Reality: Shanna learns that the downtown Macy's is having their tree lighting and window display opening, also on Nov. 20. (Why Macy's would dare plan such an event the same night as the opening of a Twilight film, is beyond me.) Shanna and Daryl, being the die-hard city folk they are can not fathom skipping such an event, and therefore decide to take Noah along with their family to experience said event. Shanna comes over a little before 3:00 and helps me with Noah and some chores while I get ready for the evening. After trying to get the bathrooms cleaned for the weekend company (Matt's parents), I was a little rushed in getting myself ready. I get downstairs, rush out to the jeep to grab Noah's car seat to install in Shanna's car. I jump in the front seat to get the jeep started, and my key won't turn. It's locked. I turn the wheel, play with the emergency break, and all the gadgets around the steering column, but nothing works. (This has happened once before, but after multiple tries, I got it to work.) I try a little longer before momentarily stopping to continue the original task, which was to transport car seats. I get that done, and head back to the jeep to try the key again. Meanwhile, I'm coming in and out of the house where Noah keeps seeing, chasing, and crying after me, and poor Shanna is doing her best (which is actually pretty impressive) to contain the madness. Anyway, I'm back at the jeep and try over and over and over to start the jeep that apparently has something against me. Of all times not to start, it had to be this day! Finally, I call Shanna from the jeep, and she suggests driving me to the theater. Yes, this works! THANK YOU SHANNA! So, I rush back in, we gather the kids, get their coats, shoes and all the paraphernalia that comes with toddlers, pack the car and rush to The Chase. Shanna says she'll slow down so I can jump out and I absolutely agree that this would be the quickest way for me to get in to that theater. OK, so we're there, Shanna pulls into the center lane of Lindell Ave., I jump out and stand in the middle of a four lane road (yes, because I'm an idiot), and rush across two lanes at the first opportunity. I walk at a very brisk pace (I assumed I would look a bit too ridiculous, even for the sake of Edward, to run), and I finally make it to the theater entrance, where I immediately meet my worst fear. A really really really long line, that I knew in my heart was for New Moon. I rush to the back of the line, and hope that I'm over-estimating the number of people in front of me. I think the range is somewhere around 150ish. (And for those of you unfamiliar with the Chase, it's a smaller, intimate theater...so capacity could easily be 200; if that.) The guy in front of me and I start chatting about our bad luck and about how we're about to get fierce with the group of girls in front of us who keep letting their friends in the line. Finally, the line starts to move. I get inside, and realize the only spot where two seats are next to each other is on the bottom row of the main section. I grab a seat, throw my handbag and coat on the one next to me, and although a bit disappointed in the seat location, breathe a sigh of relief. I had made it. I was about to see Edward again. (Oh, yeah...Matt arrived a couple minutes after the movie started!) The film was great, and we make it Jade where we have less than fabulous sushi. After dinner, we meet Shanna at her loft, thank her profusely for watching Noah and introducing him to Red Bird at Macy's, and head home.

Overall, despite the challenges, it was really nice to have some time to ourselves, and of course to see the movie I've been waiting months to see!

I would like to thank Shanna for babysitting, Matt for putting up with my insanity, and Sarah for indulging in the obsession.

Movie review is on the way.


Shanna Gourley said...

I assume Edward is the guy with the blue skin. I'm glad you were finally able to be together. I do not understand all of this New Moon madness, but I'm happy to support it in the best way I know how.

Hammocks and High Tea said...

Wow! That's some extreme dedication. A little too much stress for my taste...but I'm very glad you got to see it! I finally corralled Jay into taking me again, and he surprisingly liked it. I have no idea whether it's actually a good movie or not...too obsessed to be rational about it.