09 November 2009

Park Love with Grams

My wonderful mama was here for a week and a half to help us with the move, and we spent part of her last day here at the park. As mentioned in an earlier blog, Noah loves being outside, and he particularly loves the park. We still have to stay pretty close to him when on playground equipment that has any height to it or else we would surely find ourselves in an emergency situation, so we each took turns sliding and climbing with Noah.

Noah had an intense temper tantrum when he realized we were headed back to the car. This is a new phase that my mom got to see first hand while she was here. We've started time outs and just ignoring this behavior when it happens. I sure hope he grows out of it fast. This little boy is passionate with a capital P. Have no idea where he gets this from!

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Magers Family said...

Let me know if you find something that works b/c Isaac is 3 1/2 and he still gets out of control sometimes, but good luck ;-) p.s. Kadyns are worse than Isaacs ever were at this age too!