09 November 2009

Little Lion

(noah is the smallest kid on the left. i've never seen so many kids eating together at a table (jenn's table to be exact!) it was pretty adorable.)

I'm behind on getting Halloween documented due to the move. This fall in general has been really busy, so I feel behind on a lot of things actually! Anyway, my little man was a lion this year, but sadly we did not make it trick or treating. It was a very chilly evening, we had just moved, and Noah was sick. We did however, make it to a downtown mom's Halloween party earlier in the week. I attempted to get some snapshots of Noah in his costume, but he wasn't in the modeling mood. So here's all I got:(trying to take off the headpiece)
(noah is avoiding the party crowd and opting to look out the window while dialing a friend)

(whiny cry face because mom won't stop taking pictures of him)

(i'm trying to restrain him from taking off the head piece)

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