17 November 2009

Home Sweet Home

I've been meaning to post pics of our new place, but I've been procrastinating since things aren't how I'd like them quite yet. Tonight though, I'm just deciding to give up on waiting until things are just right, so please ignore the mess and the random items still sitting about!
The house was originally a two family, but was converted to a one family a few years back.

Upon entering, the living room is on the right and the stairs are to the left. The kitchen is behind the living room, the dining room is off of the kitchen, and the sun room is behind the kitchen.

Sun room/den/playroom

We are so happy in this house. We're loving the space, the privacy, the closets, the bathrooms...everything really. We love having guests, and now guests will have their own room, so please come see us!


Kim Patterson said...

Your new home is SO PRETTY! CONGRATS!

Kerry said...

The house looks amazing! I love it! Wish we could be there to visit!

Tara Dembowczyk said...

Beautiful home, Evie. Congratulations!