17 November 2009

Kissing Comrads

Reese and Noah like to kiss, and for Shanna and I, this is bitter-sweet. It's pretty cute to watch, but we don't exactly want our one and two year olds making out! Isn't this something we weren't supposed to have to worry about until they were teenagers!? Uuhhhh.

Here's a good one of the kids with their noses pressed against the front doors. I'm not sure what was so interesting out there. It was as if they just discovered the front yard.

A couple of weeks ago, Noah had his first video game experience. We were at Fuddruckers, and as we were leaving, the lights of these machines literally drew him in. It was an unavoidable meeting. He was super engrossed with all the gadgets and the steering wheel, and when it came time to leave, he got loud. He was about as unhappy as he ever gets, and once again that little stink embarrassed his mother! I suppose seeing him so happy for a few minutes was worth it though.

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Shanna Gourley said...

I leave my kids at your house for a few hours and your son is clearly taking advantage of my daughter... What who I a kidding, my girl was probably taking advantage of Noah.