10 July 2009

10 Memories

Although Matt and I have experienced many things together, the following list includes some of the particular experiences that stand out. (listed in no particular order)

1. spontaneously driving to south carolina in the middle of the night to camp on myrtle beach

2. romantic get-away to charleston one spring break

3. our new york city trip with steve and andrea, and more specifically getting man-handled by homeless guys, and getting shown the secret handbag rooms in china town

4. our move to tampa in 2002...steve and debbie came along to help us get settled. we roamed around clearwater beach, and found the international plaza (an awesome and very much missed mall!)

5. spring diving with matt harris on the west coast of florida.
6. late night soccer games in tampa.

7. watching the guys play "king of the mountain" on a random piece of styrofoam at matt's graduation party at the lake

8. working our way through college at the bees

9. selling my once most-prized possession...the probe

10. having our precious little boy

so many more memories, but i'm limiting myself to 10 to keep with the theme! again, happy anniversary baby, and here's to SO many more memories to come!
i love you!

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Kim said...

What a sweet anniversary post! I love that you drove in the middle of the night to camp on the beach...ahhhh the freedom of being young!