20 July 2009

10 Reasons I Love Matt

(Matt on our honeymoon; 10 years ago.)

1. I love what an amazing father he is to Noah.

2. I love that he is loyal to me and his family.

3. I love that he takes the trash out without me asking.

4. I love that he thinks it's important for me to stay home with Noah.

5. I love that he still opens doors for me.

6. I love that sometimes he orders for me at restaurants.

7. I love that he will stop by the store for me without complaining.

7. I love his structured, sexy back.

8. I love that he is a Godly man.

9. I love that he is so handy.

10. I love that he loves me, even when I'm difficult.

Happy 10th Anniversary Matt!
Thanks for giving me so many reasons to love you.

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