16 July 2009

10 Years of Being Attracted to My Opposite

Matt likes grilling steak.
Evie likes baking chocolate-hazelnut smoochies.

Matt likes Audoslave and Pearl Jam.
Evie likes Damien Rice and Justin Timberlake.

Matt wishes the cars were cleaner.
Evie wishes practicalities like cleaning cars were not issues.

Matt showers, reads and drinks coffee most mornings.
Evie spends her mornings wishing it was still night.

Matt wonders where we would put a piano.
Evie would find space.

Matt likes modern.
Evie likes vintage.
Matt feels loved through service, like if Evie were to clean aforementioned cars.
Evie feels loved through receiving gifts, like the sweet "10 Days 'til 10 Years" card.

Matt likes the Bourne series and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Evie likes Legends of the Fall and August Rush.

Matt likes financial reports.
Evie likes blog updates.

Matt likes owning his own business.
Evie likes staying home with Noah.

Matt is good with his feet. i.e. soccer, skiing...
Evie is good with her hands. i.e. basketball, crafting...

Matt is good in the spatial department.
Evie is good in the decorative department.

Matt likes parties with lots of people.
Evie likes intimate dinners.

Matt is a Mid-West boy.
Evie is an East Coast girl.

Matt puts Noah on his shoulders and throws him high in the air.
Evie puts Noah to sleep with singing and rocking.

Matt is reasonable, logical, smart.
Evie is impractical, rash, flighty.

Matt likes the Speed and History channels.
Evie likes HGTV and the Food Network.

Matt is slow to change (perhaps too slow).
Evie is quick to change (perhaps too quick).

Matt is an analyst.
Evie is a dreamer.

Matt loves Evie.
Evie loves Matt.
Happy 10th Baby!


Gina said...

i disagree with "impractical, rash, flighty." you are sensitive, creative, and loving!!! =) Happy Anniversary, you two.

Shanna Gourley said...

that Matt is one lucky guy. You are the best wife ever. Love this post. So sweet.

Tara Dembowczyk said...