21 July 2009

10 More Reasons I Love Matt

Snapshots of him...

1. Matt often talks in his sleep, and one time he asked me where his police badge was. I said, "so you're a police man, huh?" To him, this question was clearly stupid, and he replied in a highly annoyed tone, "uh, yeaaahhh."
2. Every time Noah starts to fuss, or Matt is just trying to get his attention, he sings this made up song that goes something like, "bada, bada, bada, bada, boo, boo, beep beep." (I use the term "song" very loosely!)
3. As a practical joke, Matt used to throw a cup of ice cold water over the shower curtain while I was taking a shower. I would always get him back!
4. Matt has been known to yell at me, "know your role woman" in grocery store parking lots. It is always quite embarrassing!
5. Matt pretty much always takes Teagan out, and for those of you who know our living situation, this is quite the job. He does it early in the morning, late at night, when it's raining or snowing or 100 degrees outside. He does however, often remind me that I'm the one who decided we needed a dog! He doesn't fool me though. He loves Teag more than I do!
6. Matt shows real appreciation for my scrapbooking. I love that he seems genuinely proud of my work.
7. Matt once bought me a "Mahogany" brand card, which is mainly funny, because he had no idea he had done it.
8. When we worked at Applebees, Matt would take an opened paperclip and tie the end of a balloon to it. He would inconspicuously hook the clip to the back of an unsuspecting server, and that poor person would walk around the restaurant serving his tables with a balloon following his trail. We would laugh so hard.
9. Matt loves my parents. He respects them, values their roles in our lives, and he enjoys visiting them when he can. I know not all wives are this blessed, but I am so happy I am!
10. When we first had Noah I documented this conversation, and it is still one of my favorites: "In the middle of the night, as I was putting Noah in his cradle, Matt called me over to his side of the bed and asked, "Is there any leftover breastfeeding stuff?" I replied, "Honey, what breastfeeding stuff?" He said, "You know, like milk." I said, "Matt, are you awake?" He replied in an annoyed tone, "Yes." I said, "I'm sorry, I'm just not sure what you're talking about," and he said, "well, if you're just going to look at me like that then forget it." (He remembered none of this the next day.)

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Shanna Gourley said...

this is why we love both of you!