20 July 2009

Constant Change

Noah is killing me recently! In a good way. He has been doing so many new things! I wonder at what point all of these changes and developments will slow. I don't know, but for now, it's really exciting!

He has been:
-crawling around at the speed of light
-standing for several seconds without holding on to anything. (made big strides on this today, 7/20!)
-taking a couple of steps before falling down. falling down is inevitable whenever he does this, so it isn't as if he can walk across the room yet. we just think it's cool that he has the guts to try it. he laughs the whole 3 seconds it lasts too! so cute. (happened 7/19 and 7/20)
-rushing back and forth, from front to back in the bathtub, laughing all the way.
-dropping his food to teag when he's in his high chair
-opening every cabinet he finds. he specifically loves the bathroom cabinet because i let him play in it when i'm in there.
-playing in his drawers...pulling out clothes and various assundries
-laughing at me when i remove him from teag's dog bowls (this one is kind of funny, but i do need to figure out a way to teach him that the bowls are off limits.)
-eating table food...chicken, tilapia, hashbrown casserole, eggs, grilled cheese, he's in love with blueberries right now...and so many other things.

He's going to be 1 year old in just over a month. This past year has flown (as everyone said it would), and it has been one of the best years of my life! Actually, the best. More on this later!


Tara Dembowczyk said...

This is wonderful! You go, Noah! :)They do grow up so fast don't they?
It sounds like Noah eats better than either of my kids. Great job! :)

Jay and Sarah Sandidge said...

Sounds like he's having the time of his life! I can't imagine how much fun it must be to explore a completely unknown world for the first time...maybe why people go to the moon! Although that doesn't seem quite as exciting as a bathroom cabinet...I'm serious.