14 July 2009

My All Star at the All Stars

Cheesy title, but I'm tired since I've been walking around downtown for half the day, so just look past it! Although we didn't have tickets to the game tonight, we still partook in some of the festivities, since we do live but blocks from it all.

This afternoon, Noah, Teagan and I tried to make the All Star parade, but the sprinkles had us heading back home before we saw anyone famous. We did however have plenty of time to be amongst all of the hooplah, and a kind stranger took a picture of all three of us in front of the All Star banner in Keiner Plaza, with a pretty sweet backdrop of the Jefferson Monument and the Arch. Nice. Thanks Mr. Stranger!

Later, we met up with Shanna, Aidan and Reese and walked down to the stadium to attempt a glance at Obama as he threw the first pitch. A live feed on a big screen on the side of the stadium was as close as we got. We did see the Secret Service all over the roof though. Pretty impressive. The Stealth Bomber that flew over after the National Anthem (sung by Sheryl Crow) was like a freakin' space ship, and it was SO loud! Scared Noah, even though I was covering his ears. (I hope I'm not permanently damaging this child's hearing with all of my loud noise exposure recently.) The kids snacked on goldfish while waiting for Obama to throw the first pitch, and during our wait Noah had a bit of a breakdown. So right after the pitch, we started for home. It was afterall past his usual bedtime. We had a good evening despite the breakdown, and hopefully one day long from now, Noah will think it was cool that his mom took him to the All Star game. Well, outside of the game...but he'll appreciate the effort right?! I'll tell myself yes!


Gina said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Rodney told me I should take Will down, but we never made it. Hope you're doing well!

Shanna Gourley said...

We had so much fun with you and Noah. Love this picture of Aidan giving you the "finger!"